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@Preben Alsholm Thanks a lot! I have been looking for such a list but I could not find it.

I just want it to load for convenience. It's not that big of a deal though. I can just use "with" explicitly as you suggest.
I just wonder why "with(Units[Standard])" works just fine while "with(RealDomain)" doesn't.

Hi again and thanks a lot!

My package is now saved and working except one little problem: I can't get it to load the "RealDomain" package.
I my module I have created a ModuleLoad procedure:

ModuleLoad := proc ()
Units:-AddSystem(amuSystem, amu);
end proc;

But it doesn't work. Line two and three clearly get executed when I run the package but not line four.

What am I doing wrong?


Thanks for good answers.

Now I can calculate what I need to know. But - just for the sake of curiosity: Can I get Maple to calculate the interval in which the true solutions lie if I have have a situation where the one part of the equation (I mean the 208/x) does not effectively "disappear" like in the case above?

E.g. if m=13, v1=9604 and v2=264. 


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