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Hi, Does the 'restart' command clear all the packages that have previously been loaded? example: with(package1): with(package2): " " " Maple commands and general problem solutions Then in the same worksheet following the previous work restart Do I have to reload the packages or does Maple just reset the variables used to null? tia Larry Ciak
Hi all,

I'm having a dickens of a time trying to get the following simple conditional statement to work:

> restart;
> p := 6;
> q := 8;
> delta := 4;

> if ((q>0) and (p<0))then print(Node)
elif (q<0)then print(Saddle)
elif((p=0) and (q>0))then print(Center)
else print(Spiral)
end if;

Error, Got internal error in Typesetting:-FI : "'_Inert_DELAYBOOLEAN' is not a valid inert form"
Typesetting:-mambiguous(if ((qgt0)and(plt0))then printApplyFunction(Node)

After I compute the values of p,q,and delta I want a ptinted line to tell me the type of Critical Point I have. I am using Maple 10 Student with WIN XP Pro
Hi all.. I am probably overlooking a switch or setting in Maple(10)Win XP, but when I do a calculation such as: yh:=c1*x1*exp(-1.5*t)+c2*x2*exp(-1.44*t); Maple returns: yh:=c1 x1 (e)^((-1.5000 t))+c2 x2 (e)^((-1.4400 t)) Which is correct but Maple does not recognize the (e)^(-1.44*t) as the exponential when I try to use it in future calculations. Is there a setting I have missed or is this how Maple handles exponentials? TIA Larry Ciak aka
I wish to factor the following: r^4 +10*r^2 +9*r = 0 I have entered it in Maple 10 as: factor(r^4 +10*r^2 +9*r); and I just get a repeat: response: r^4 +10*r^2 +9*r Am I doing something wrong or can not Maple factor this? I'm fairly new to Maple. Any help would be appreciated Larry Ciak aka
Hello all, Up-Front: it is a homework problem I've been a longtime Mathcad user but have recently discovered the elegance and easy to use Maple. The problem I am having is setting up the following equation: velocity plus the distance equal to the square of time. With initial conditionsL y(0)= 6. I am able to plot, set up for solving etc.. but this one is killing me. I need to solve for the general solution.. hence this post. Any hints tips etc.. will be appreciated. TIA Larry aka
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