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Sorry for the poorly formated post of the same name. I'm still trying to figure out how to cut and paste from Maple to this forum. Is it possible? Also the main question is: I have the results of a Fourier series and I wish to factor out a common coefficient: (4/Pi)*Sin(x)+4/Pi*sin(3*x)....+) Is there a command(s) to get the results: (4/Pi)*(sin(x) + sin(3*x).....+ ) Thank You Larry Ciak View 1600_11.2-6 Primes 1 on MapleNet or
Hi, I am having a problem with making all of my worksheets appear as tabs. Maple only displays a worksheet and then I have to use the back or forward arrows or the "more" windosw pull down to activate a sheet. I have had all the worksheets appear as tabs above the worksheet before, but cannot figure out how I did this. I am using Student Maple 10. Can anyone tell me how to make them appear as tabs? I have check what I think is the appropriate box.. open worksheets in new tab. TIA Larry Ciak aka
Hi again, I am having trouble resolving the issue of which eigenvector is 1st, 2nd 3rd etc. The need is for diagonalization because the eigenvectors are the columns and the eigenvalues as you know are the diagonal entries in the A matrix. Does it make any difference in what order the vectors are placed in the columns? TIA Larry Ciak aka malt_master

The two functions, they were cut off in the original post, are:

f:=sin(3*t) (0 < t < Pi)

and the second function is:

f:=cos(Pi*t) (1 < t < 4)

Set up using unit step functions and graph the functions.
Function is 0 outside the given interval.

I have searched the Net, Application Center and Maple(10) manuals and am stuck as to how to write these solution with Maple(10) Commands.

Any help/tips will be greatly appreciated.


Larry Ciak
Given the following information: f:=sin(3*(t)) (0 <><><>
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