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Hi All,

I would like to request information the representation of the following result from Mathematica :

Mathematica result:    MeijerG[{{0, 1/2}, {}}, {{0, 1}, {-1, -1}}, a, 1/2]

Maple is able to take: MeijerG[{{0, 1/2}, {}}, {{0, 1}, {-1, -1}}, a] which is represented as
                                MeijerG([[0, 1/2], []], [[0, 1], [-1, -1]], a)

Could you please advise me on how to implement this function in maple. I would be grateful if you also include matlab in the discussion.

The matiematica output is a result of the following integration:

Integrate[r*(BesselI[1, al*r]* BesselK[1, al*r]), r]


Looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance.



Dear All,


I would like perform a symbolic integration to the following integrand with Heaviside function:


The integral I defined is as follows:

The output I got is


Could any one explain me how to avoid the undefined in the output. I tried to define the assumtions to constrain the solution. However, I failed to supress the undefined.

I expect a result of the integration should also be piecewise function.


Appreciate you constructive inputs.





Hi There,


Could you let me know how to tell Maple to use the ln simplification to give -ln(x)+ln(y) = ln(y/x).


I tried following command.

simplify(-ln(x)+ln(y), ln)


However, it is not able to give the required simplification.

Hi There,


Can any one correct me the mistake in the following differentiation:



Above command gives the following error:

Error, (in simpl/abs) abs is not differentiable at non-real arguments



Hi All,


I tried to convert the following hypergeometric function into BesselJ function. But I failed to do so. Could any one let me know the  reference or procedure to convert the Hypergeom function into bessel function.


Following is the integral I am intended to do.


I need to convert the result into equivalent bessel function.


If at all there is a way to co-relate the generalized corelation between bessel function <-> hypergeom function.


Direct me to any books you come across.




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