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Hi everyone


I am going to add a continious time white guassian noise n(t) to a function f(t), and plot g(t)=f(t)+n(t). Any suggestion?

Also, I am going to filter this white noise, and analysis colored noise. How can I apply a frequency-domain rectangular window to a function?


Thank for your kind answers

I am trying to obtain the points with equal value of a two variable function ,f(x,y), 0.01<x<0.99, 1.01<y<1.99. I tried to dsolve the problem but I have one equation, two variable and infinite answers . Ho can I get these points with interval of 0.01 and insert in a marix. Thank you in advance.




I tried to get the maximum points of a function of 3 independent variables (f(a,b,t)) in time domain. and plot the maximum points as function of a and b. f(1.3,1.3,t) is as below:


but "maple" is not able to calculate the maximum of this function analytically and must try out optimization box. Please advise me how to plot the function "g(a,b):=Maximize(f(a,b,t...

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