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Hi there,

I have a system of seven equations and want to make a phase plane with field arrows for two independent variables (C vs I). When I use DEplot it doesn't give me field with arrows. I just wonder if anybody could please help me in this issue. Here is my system:

dp/dt = P kappa I-gamma[1] CE- delta[1] CH

dE/dt = lambda E(E[0]-E)-gamma[1] C E

dI/dt = gamma[1] CE + eta Ia/(epsilon+K) -kappa I -alpha K I-delta[2] I M

dIa/dt = alpha K I+delta[2] I M

Thanks so much for your great answer!

x,y and z in my equations are not the XYZ coordinates, x represents the number of healthy cells, y represents the number of infected cells and z represents the number of immune cells. Here I wanted to show the phase portrait of healthy cells vs infected cells with field arrows.



Hi there,

I just wonder if we can plot phase plane with arrows for more than 2 equations in Maple. For example:





This one doesn't give me a plot with arrows.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.



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