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@mmcdara one small question. How is it possible to get matrix form of my equations in Maple? like bellow

@mmcdara yes it was good opininion.

@Kitonum  Restore Backup do not opened the file. 

@Rouben Rostamian  Thanks Rouben.MerC

In general how to eliminate the parameter t[i] from the last response to get nonpaprametric solution?

For exaple in your first example: --->y+2*x=7 is the nonparametric solution.

@tomleslie Yes it seems there is not any alternative.

@Carl Love Thanks All

@Kitonum Your method extract infinity entries which I dont want.

@John Fredsted Thanks John

@John Fredsted Dear John, Many thanks to your advices.

What about the process i did by add command in my first post, is it true?

@John Fredsted Thanks all

@Carl Love Thanks you and all others.

yes The last one is working faster.

isnt there other methods?

@John Fredsted could you provide an example?

@John May What about disabling (bypassing) one subsection from execution.

You know for disabling we use # at first of the each line. My subsection have many lines(500) so it is tedious to set # on first of each line in that subsection. Is there other easy  way to disable one especial subsection?

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