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@tomleslie As I said first, Originaly my own matrix have 1000*1000 dimensions, I could not unassign them one by one.

May matrix have the variables as below.

var1 := [seq(seq(U[i, j], j = 0 .. JJ), i = 0 .. II), seq(seq(V[i, j], j = 0 .. JJ), i = 0 .. II), seq(seq(W[i, j], j = 0 .. JJ), i = 0 .. II), seq(seq(Phi[i, j], j = 0 .. JJ), i = 0 .. II), seq(seq(Xi[i, j], j = 0 .. JJ), i = 0 .. II)]

How to unassign them?

is there another simple way?

@tomleslie What do you mean by breakpoint? Could you please give an example?

@tomleslie What about pause then resume the running?


@Preben Alsholm Is not there a simple way???

for example a short command (e.g. >stop)?


@tomleslie My matrices have variable parameter (x) within itself, it seems this command could not export matrices with variable entries.

Any other way to copy and paste these matrices???

@AmusingYeti corrected, please check again

let me explain more.

In my worksheet there are 147*147 matrix was computated during long process as an output. Now I want to use that structure in another worksheet. I couldnt transfer it to that new worksheet. It seemsthe copy-paste dont work here to transfer, what do you recommend???


@John May Thanks, Are there are ways to cope with this problem?

This is because my matrix have variable dimensions and number of parameters that have created within the loop.

@acer ،Thanks your Kind answer.

As you see in my previous post, my matrix M is positive definite and symmetric so it seems your second recommended approach is to be implemented by Maple. But as I said the order of matrix M__11 is varying between 200-1000+.

I tested Matlab sqrtm(A) command for such matrices, it returned the result up to 1 min for 1000+ ones and 3 seconds for 200.

But unfortunately couldnt receive any output by Maple. Please help me what exactly have to do to get the results by Maple?

It will be great if you test your note on my  file posted before.


@acer let me explain my problem more

As you see in order to do that transmission I have to compute the square root of matrix K and M. As I said in my previous post the order of matrices are 200-1000, I couldnt compute the  square root of of them by Maple untill now. So please help if is it possible. Otherwise I have to switch to Matlab.

@mehdibaghaee َAny comment yet?

Where the problem is?

@acer regarding to your comments I still couldnt calculate the square root of a 111*111 random matrix by Maple with my machine



Error, invalid input: with expects its 1st argument, pname, to be of type {`module`, package}, but received shareman



B := RandomMatrix(111, density = .75, generator = 0 .. .5)


MatrixFunction(evalf(B), sqrt(v), v):






, Whereas Matlab calculate similar square root of a 111*111 random matrix in 2 seconds.

What to do to calculate it with Maple?

@vv Many Thanks,

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