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hi everyone:

how can I solve this below equation?


b := -(sin(lambda*L)+sinh*lambda*L)/(cos(lambda*L)+cosh*lambda*L);





Hi everybody?

how can I solve this PDE with Runge-Kutta method and 2D plot in terms of w(x,t) , t and 3D plot in terms of t, x, w(x,t)?

hi everybody:

I have two Maple files that file file is a package and file is based on the file when running the file I see the error and don't know how to solve it, I attach these files, thank you for helping me.

Hi everybody:

I have the code in Maple that when run it I see this error, how can I solve this error? 



Hi everybody:

I have one equation:

EQ := V^3-R*T*V^2/P-(B^2+P*B*R*T*sqrt(T)/(P-A))*V-A*B/(P*sqrt(T)) = 0;
how can I obtain these derivatives:


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