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@Kitonum I use maple 2017 but result return 2 roots 1 and 8.95..


@acer Thank you very much.

@acer Thank you very much. Have a good time!

@acer Thank you very much

@tomleslie Thank you very much


I run code dsds1d_s(3);printdata(3,widthmode=percentage, width=100)  create a table (1)

and dsds1d_s(5);printdata(5,widthmode=percentage, width=100)  create a table (2)

I want to combine table (1) and table (2) into a table

What should I do? 

please help me



multiple := module() option package;
  export dsds1d_s,printdata;
  local TSprintf;

  TSprintf := proc()
    uses Typesetting;
      mrow(seq(`if`(e::string, mn(e), Typeset(EV(e))), e = [args]));
  end proc:

  dsds1d_s := proc( rtc,
                    {widthmode::identical(pixels,percentage):=':-pixels'} )
    global R;
    local r, topic, tudo, num, dsd, dsss1, dsss2, dsss3, xml;
    uses Typesetting, DocumentTools, DocumentTools:-Layout;
    tudo := [1, -233243, sqrt(23+x), ('int')(2*x^2+35*x+4, x)];
    num := rand(1 .. nops(tudo())); dsd := tudo[num()];
    dsss1 := tudo[num()]; dsss2 := tudo[num()]; dsss3 := tudo[num()];
    for r to rtc do
      topic[r] := TSprintf(ex, " ", r, ". SomeLongSentence ", r);
      R[r] := Row(Cell(Textfield(Equation(topic[r]),
                                               mtext(". "),TSprintf(dsd))),
                  Cell(Textfield(Equation(mrow(mtext("B"), mtext(". "), TSprintf(dsss1))),
                  Cell(Textfield(Equation(mrow(mtext("C"), mtext(". "), TSprintf(dsss2))),
                  Cell(Textfield(Equation(mrow(mtext("D"), mtext(". "), TSprintf(dsss3))),
    end do;return NULL;
  end proc:
                    {widthmode::identical(pixels,percentage):=':-pixels'}) local xml;global R;
uses Typesetting, DocumentTools, DocumentTools:-Layout;
xml := Worksheet(Table(':-exterior'=':-none', ':-interior'=':-none',
                           ':-hiddenborderdisplay'=':-never', ':-alignment'=':-center',
                           ':-width'=width, ':-widthmode'=widthmode,
    return NULL;
end proc:
end module:




printdata(3,widthmode=percentage, width=100)

dsds1d_s(5); 1; printdata(5, widthmode = percentage, width = 100)

"I want to combine dsds1d_s(3);printdata(3,widthmode=percentage, width=100)   and dsds1d_s(5);printdata(5,widthmode=percentage, width=100) into a table, what should i do"?""





Download goi_maple_new.mw


I cann't increase width with mtr(mtd(topic[rtc], ':-columnspan' = 50,':-columnweight' = 50), ':-columnalign' = ':-left')

Can you help me?


Thank you very much. Good luck to you.

I try to code procedure but it doesn't.

Please help me into image below?

Please thank you very much.

Help goi_maple.mw 

@acer Can I ask you something?

T:-mtext(dsd)-----> string

if dsd is sqrt(2) --->"2^(1/2)" : unlike.


thank you very much very much.

@Carl Love

So what to do?

I can use plots:-textplot but export *.rft very bad

Please help me.

@Carl Love 

column A: left

column B: left

column C: left

column D: left

Row 1, Row 2, Row 3, ... Row n is straight


Download Goi_mapleprime.mw


Good luck to you.


Good luck to you

@Christian Wolinski 

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