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in Maple 2015

how can print ?

Help me!. Please

Thank you very much

 other way? use uses ?

not this. 2D math not Text!

Can i use function subs()?

I need this matter very much. Thank you very much


result print monitor is not comma




print(`So `, `for `, 0 < x and x < (1/2)*Pi, `we have ,`f(x) = x-sin(x) and x-sin(x) > f(0), `or `, x > sin(x)*on*the*interval, 0, (1/2)*Pi)


Result Maple 2015

How maple S2 don't wrong?


Now i done. Thank you very much. Good luck to you


not like 

I use maple 2015


@acer Good. I see


Thank you very much......

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