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I want to use union, intersection and minus to find. Help me

I have number 0.12

I use convert(0.12,string), result ".12" lost 0. Why?

Please help me @acer

Hello everyone

Please help me about IntegrationTools:-Change does not transform x to u

IntegrationTools:-Change(int(3*x*sqrt(x+8), x)) 

I want to convert that primitive to a primitive like this: (2/3)*(Int(u^2*(u^2-8), u)) and Error, (in IntegrationTools:-Change) invalid boolean expression: 1

Please help me


How to convert expression below to LaTex:  $\lim _{x \rightarrow 2} \frac{2}{x+3}$

And How to convert expression below to LaTex:  $\int_{2}^{3} \frac{1}{x^{2}+2} d x$

file test: newLaTex.mw

How can type limit proc() and use print to export expression as mathtype?



limit((x^2-4)/(x+2), x = -2)



"hs:=proc()  pd:=(``lim)((x^(2)-4)/(x-2));  end:"

Error, invalid underscript

"hs:=proc()  pd:=(``lim)((x^2-4)/(x-2));  end:"




Download help_limit.mw


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