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@Carl Love When somebody deletes your questions as they see fit, and hides the whole thread, it is "abuse". This person clearly abused of his privileges, deleted a reply, and replaced with whatever (s)he wanted.

As for you, you did not comment specifically on my issue, you swept it quickly under the carpet, and focused on the "abuse" word. You are acting no differently than your forum-buddy, (s)he says things like "stop posting", you say things like "more annoyed" and "I'll delete it". Well, I could not care less if you were annoyed, do not bring your personal feelings into this. Perhaps you could've used "if you show disrespect to a community member", instead of "if you show disrespect to acer", you would have sounded better. Some effort should be spent hiding our personal friendships. Of course, assuming that "reporting abuse" is equivalent to "disrespect" as is in your creed.

The words you guys use show that you think of yourselves as the supreme rulers in this forum. By the way, even if you own this forum, you need democracy. You need to look into issues and "moderate". Forums are about moderation, not dictatorship and censorship

@acer Why did you take down my question? Did you even bother to read it? It is completely different from this one. I use the same example, the questions have the same tags, but they are different. This one asks about getting the 1/x, and the new one that you took down asks about removing annotations.

Why do we even bother to forumate the title as a precise question if the question is allowed to grow to include other aspects? According to your flawed logic, do I have the update the question title each time I want to ask about something new to make sure everything fits nicely under the question subject?

Could you please restore my question? Once again, using the same example does not mean the same topic!

@nm In certain countries, only Lagrange's notation is taught to students in high school. When they show their work e.g. for computing the derivative of


it is perfectly acceptable they write


@Carl Love I am working on something for high-school maths where it is safe to assume that x is the only variable involved in differentiation.

@nm Thanks for your help :-)

@nm Thank you. The latex function seems to fail when run in a script from command line. This is the output I have been getting.

$ ~/programs/maple2022/bin/maple -q exp.mpl             
Differentiation Steps
▫       1. Apply the natural logarithm rule
               ◦ Recall the definition of the natural logarithm rule
               Diff(ln(x),x) = x^(-1)
       This gives:

                                          res :=

Error, (in latex) unable to proceed; could you please report this problem at

Is this expected? 

@tomleslie Thank you for your help. I actually need the solution steps to be shown, and I also need negative powers to disappear from everywhere not just the last line of the output.

@Thomas Richard This works perfectly, you are a life saver :-)

The (more complex-ish) input:

ShowSolution(Diff(ln(x^2),x), output=print,displaystyle=linear);

gives the solution:

"Differentiation Steps"
"1. Apply the chain rule to the term ln(x^2)"
"Recall the definition of the chain rule"
Diff(f(g(x)),x) = `f'`(g(x))*Diff(g(x),x)
"Outside function"
f(v) = ln(v)
"Inside function"
g(x) = x^2
"Derivative of outside function"
Diff(f(v),v) = 1/v
"Apply composition"
`f'`(g(x)) = 1/x^2
"Derivative of inside function"
Diff(g(x),x) = 2*x
"Put it all together"
Diff(f(g(x)),x)*Diff(g(x),x) = (1/x^2) %* (2*x)
"This gives:"


As can be seen, the output now uses fractions (instead of negative powers) throughout the output.

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