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Hopefully, anyone can help me with the following problem:

I have two functions:  Inta=f(Pa) and ETa=f(Pna). Both can not be solved analytically, but I can plot them separately when I use >plot (evalf(Inta), Pa=0..100) and >plot(evalf(ETa), Pna=0..100). So far no problem.

Furthermore, Pna can be described as >Pna:=Pa-Inta, so in fact ETa=f(Pa). But I fail to plot ETa against Pa (or at least it takes ages..since it keeps 'evaluating'..... for days) . I tried several things like:

Hi, I want to make the following integration: R0:=int(-P_m*(-1+exp(-30*Di_d/P_m/(1-u*P_m^v+q*P_m^r)*q*P_m^r))/kappa*exp(-P_m/kappa), P_m=0..infinity) Di_d, u, v, q, r and kappa are all constants, which are all positive parameters. P_m is the only variable (so R0 is a function of P_m). As the solution of the integration Maple gives just the integral sign from 0 to infinity and the unsolved equation. Does this mean that Maple is not able to find the solution? So it is not possible to do the integration? However Maple is able to plot its solution. How is this possible? Is the plotting just an approximation?
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