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These are questions asked by mkonto

I want to plot a curve of the form |z*e^(1-z)| = 1 (the Szego curve). I am not sure how to call complexplot() to make this happen. Just calling complexplot(abs(z*exp(1-z)) = 1) does not work, and I don't know what else to specify. Any help?

If I have an N-dimensional vector V and a polytope defined as the set of solutions to the equation A*x = b, where A is a d X N matrix, and b is a d X 1 vector, how can I project V onto the surface defined as above?


I wish to define a function with a finite number of inputs, but I do not know that number ahead of time (in other words the user will specify n and my function operates on vectors of size n). How can this be done?

I tried doing LinearSolve with my own matrices, thought maybe there was a mistake there so I copied the example from Maple's website and it won't execute. Instead of printing an output matrix, it just prints LinearSolve(input matrix 1, input matrix 2). I feel this is a very simple syntax mistake, but I can't figure it out!

The title pretty much says it, but I wrote a bunch of code that operates on a matrix of given size. Now I want to increment that size with a loop, how can I put a loop around all the code? It won't let me just copy paste it into my loop body for some reason. Thanks!

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