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I'm guessing that the following behavior is a mapleprimes feature.

In the forums, when a thread loads, the display always jumps to the bottom of the page to an insertion point waiting in the reply box.

I like to read messages, before I reply.

Is there a way to turn off this "feature" ?


  ~ Mark

I just searched the mapleprimes site for information on how to mark all forum messages as "read".

In July 2005, somebody asked how to do this.  William Spaetzel responded by noting that there is no such feature and that he would think about adding it.  He repeated this statement, about two months later.

In March 2006, somebody else asked how.  There's no mapleprimes response to that message.

In July 2009, I'm asking again.

Has the suggestion from three years ago been officially rejected by mapleprimes?

Is this board the best place to ask about issues with Maple V Release 5?

I'm trying to learn about animated 2d plots by using examples in the bundled help file, but something is wrong.

Here's one example that I tried:

restart ;

with(plots) ;

animate( sin(x*t), x = -10..10, t = 1..2, frames = 50) ;

Maple renders only what appears to be sin(x) from x = -10 to 10, with "jagged" local minimums and maximums.  If I simply plot sin(x), then the graph has smooth curves.

There is no animation.

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