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Since this behavior is browser-specific, my guess (above) is wrong.

I'll deal with this issue, for now.  Later this summer, I'll be checking out Google's new browser (Chrome).  Perhaps, it will behave the same as Firefox.

(FYI:  with IE,  keystrokes Shift-Tab, Home saves a mouse click.)

Most interesting to me, delta7, is the prospect of having mapleprimes pages load faster.  If a different browser actually accomplishes an increase  in speed, then that alone is worth it.

Currently, the maplesprimes site is clearly the most sluggish site that I visit.

Thanks for the information.

  ~ Mark

Thanks, Joe.

I found the play button.  One needs to first click the graph, in order for the control buttons to appear on the toolbar.  (Right-clicking opens a control submenu.)

It didn't occur to me that the animate() command needs to be "started" after executing it.  Doh!

  ~ Mark


I tried your suggestion; the numpoints option resolved the jaggedness, but there is still no animation.  The following two lines produce exactly the same graph.

animate( sin(x*t), x = -10..10, t = 1..2, frames = 50, numpoints = 200) ;

plot( sin(x), x = -10..10) ;

  ~ Mark

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