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Like there is key shortcut ctrl+T for text mode in Maple, is there any key shortcut for math mode ???


Suppose I have a triplet a[5], a[6], a[7]and an expression given as below:


How I can list all possible forms of above expression for triplet "(a[5], a[6], a[7])->(a[5], a[6], a[7]), (a[5], a[6], 0), (a[5], 0, a[7]), (0, a[6], a[7]), (a[5], 0, 0), (0, a[6], 0 ), (0, 0, a[7]), (0, a[6], 0), (0, 0, 0) "etc



How much MB of data one can compile in single worksheet without fear of crashing?

I asked this question because I have maple worksheet with almost 1000 of lines, initially sheet use to open very quickly but as soon as data started piling up the opening of worksheet slowdown significantly.

Should I worry about such slowdown due to large amount of data in worksheet or should I need to create another worksheet to divide data??


Dear All

I have simple problem related to ploting of 2-D graph

What I need is listed as below:

1. How I can re-scale axes by 1/2.

2. How to give custom gap between graph and its title.

3. How to place two legends in vertical format in opposite to horizontal.

4. How to assigne custom gap between legends and graph

5. How to place label 'q[b]' on the right side of vertical axes.

f[1] := 0.6553e-2+0.61277e-1*cos(.9976156575*x)-0.3448e-2*cos(1.995231315*x)+0.164e-3*cos(2.992846972*x)



f[2] := 0.6601e-2+0.61212e-1*cos(.9878156204*x)-0.3834e-2*cos(1.975631241*x)+0.182e-3*cos(2.963446861*x)



plot([diff(f[1], x), diff(f[2], x)], x = -3.2 .. 3.2, color = ["Red", "Green"], linestyle = [solid, dash], legend = ["undistorted ( n=0.0, q=0.0)", "undistorted"], labels = [tau*``, q[b]*`\` `], labeldirections = [HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL], size = [500, "golden"], title = "Radial velocity curve of Polytropic Model of Index N=3", titlefont = ["ROMAN", 15], legendstyle = [font = ["HELVETICA", 9], location = bottom]);




Dear All

The given Maple code can be easily converted into Latex code using "latex(.)", how can one perform reverse of it?? That, if we have latex code in proper format, can we convert it into Maple commands??


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