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Sorry folks for the lacking info. This equation itself is NOT what I will deal with. I will deal with hundreds of expressions like this, so I just wanted to put a sample expression there. Since I will explore many of them like the one in the picture, when I plug in a large n in it, I wanted to see if the resulting number is very accurate or not. If it is accurate, then I will be able to conclude it might be a candidate for what I am trying to prove, i.e. f(n)/n >= constant for ALL n. 

Another direction to proceed instead of using evalf is that for large n, I need to identify the exponent of n as the leading term in such expressions.  In other words, I want to factor out n^a from f(n) such that f(n)=n^a .g(n) where g(n) goes to a nonzero constant as n goes to infinity. If I can do this with Maple quickly in an automatic way (again I will need to do this with many expressions), then I don't need to use evalf.

Hope this clarifies a bit more.

Thanks everybody for helping.

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