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I have a question about the accuracy of Maple functions subs and evalf. I have some expressions such as the following: (more complicated). Let's call it f(n).  f(n) is not a polynomial in n or a rational function. It is a function of n involving exponents and four operations. When I plug in a large n in such an expression, would the answer I get (using evalf with some custom accuracy) be exact?  I am trying to prove f(n)/n >= constant....

I am a novice user in Maple with some previous Matlab experience. My question is the following: I am thinking about doing some Maple calculations. The  calculations will involve (in the easiest case) about 15 (symbolic) variables , and it will require all kinds of symbolic differantation, integration etc. such as F(x)=b(t) where x is the symbolic variables and t is the differentiation parameter (all symbolic).   I would like to know how many variables Maple can deal...

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