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These are questions asked by n9531l

For the commands  Digits:=20;  identify(evalf(k/Pi^4));

I get the closed form result with k=105 but not with k=104 or k=106.  I have tried to understand this behavior from looking at the identify help page but haven't figured it out.

After reading help file on product command (Maple 12), I put in the command product(1+1/ithprime(k)^4, k=1..infinity); expecting to see the symbolic result 105/pi^4.  Instead I got back the product unevaluated.  Have I misunderstood what the product command is supposed to do?

I have a procedure which gives symbolic output of the form a/b + c/(d*Pi) where a, b, c, d are integers.  For example, 401/2 - 1880/(3Pi).  Given this expression, what are the Maple commands I can use to pull out the four integer values and assign them to other variables?  (In the example, 401, 2, -1880, and 3.)  Note that this is not a calculation problem, it is a pattern matching/string manipulation problem.

I recently installed Maple 11 and have just been looking at the Maplet Builder.  I'm having trouble with MathMLViewer.  In the simplest case, I created a maplet with 2 elements, a MathMLViewer and a button.  I set clickButton1 to evaluate the expression MathML[Export](1) with MathMLViewer1 as the target.  Then I ran the maplet and clicked the button, expecting to see 1 in the viewer.  Instead an error box titled Dispatch popped up saying, invalid input: XMLTools:-NSXML:-Parser:-processOutputString uses a 1st argument, str, which is missing. 

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