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These are questions asked by nadia


How would I find the number of vertices, the number of edges and the degree of each vertex in the given undirected graph.

Please see the attached Maple file.  It has my work.

I would really appreciate any reply back.

Take care



How can I graph this in Maple and create an adjacency list.

I would really appreciate any reply back

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How do I use Maple to create the following Euler circuit

I have already created the circuit now I would like to know how can I create it using Maple.

Please see the attached Maple file. View 1327_Euler on MapleNet or Download 1327_Euler
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I am trying to use the following command


The answer that I am getting is 5/61

how can I get the answer in numerical form.

For example 5/6 would be 0.082 if I round up the answer.

Using the calculator I get


After I round up, I get 0.082

Take care


How do I multiply Combitronics, using Maple

For example


I want to multiply 7 Choose 6 with 5 Choose 3

If use I use the calculator I get

7C6 = 7

5C3 = 10

= 70

Take care

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