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These are questions asked by nerdpole


i'd be glad to get some help with that problem:

i want to do a plot3d of serveral functions depending on x1, x2.

My problem is the that I need it to be plotted on a triangular domain. i.e. the triangle limited by the edges (0,0), (0,1), (1,1).

I tried the following:

p[i]:= plot(phiX1[i](x1,x2),x1=x2..1-x2,x2=0.. 1);

and received:

Error, (in plot) expecting a real constant as range endpoint but received x2


i have a short question. It should be easy to answer.

I use unapply which works fine but it seems as it doesn't save the result. If i call  Phi := unapply(A1[1], x1, x2); this gives me: (x1, x2) -> 1 - x1 -  x2 (the function I expected)

but when i call "Phi" it just gives me the symbol for Phi and not the function. Maple uses the symbol for following calculations.


I have to maple worksheets: one called and another called I read a file with

read(filename); from both .mw sheets.

but then file gives me a correct result while does not execute the linalg commands. For example, in filename there is:

for i from 1 to 8 do

    A1[i] := dotprod([1, x1, x2, x3], s);


while gives the result just gives


i want to compute the differentiation of a matrix elementwise:


But Maple gives only the output ~(diff(3x15 Matrix))

What do I have to do?


Thank you for suggestions!


I want to claculate a triple integral of a piecewise function. The piecewise function has 17 domains and I guess that this is a bit too much.

Is there any possibility to optimize it?

the piecewisefunction looks like this:

a := unapply(piecewise(
    x1 < 0 or x2 < 0 or x3 < 0 or h < x1 or h < x2 or h < x3, 0,
    0.5*h <= x1 and x1 <= h and h-x1 <= x2 and x2 <= x1 and h-x1 <= x3 and x3 <= x1, A1[13],

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