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@nm Yes sir, yesterday I tried this but file are always open with Maple 2016. 

@nm Excuse me, I use Windows =)) When install Maple we will be see dialog, I chose No :( If want this dialog show again, we have to reinstall Maple, I think this is not the solution

I also tried “open with” but not work.

@vv For the last example, we have independent = {a, b, c, k} I call many times discrim for a, for b, ... until independent variable  = k

@Carl Love Thanks Sir, I tested it on Maple 2020 and see it much faster. But doesn't work on Maple 2016!

while (vars := indets(f) minus kv) <> {} do <= Error here: syntax error, `:=` unexpected


@acer I will learn from experience

@acer Dear Sir, this solution `` does not work for

L := {-2*m[1]+m[5] = -1, -2*m[1]+m[6] = -1, -2*m[1]+m[7] = -1, 2*m[1]+m[2] = 1, 2*m[1]+m[3] = 1, 2*m[1]+m[4] = 1}

But LPSolve_ex2e work. Thank you very much.

@acer It's work for me, but how to trans to fraction variable, thank you Sir.

Dear @Kitonum, I know evalb command does not simplify expressions, but how about this example

bl := sqrt(2) - 1 > 0

Command is(bl) return true but evalb(bl) return `sqrt(2)-1 > 0` ?

@Carl Love So sad, but thank for your answer 

@vv Thank you very much. :D

@acer Thank you.

@Kitonum It is exactly what I want. Thanks you very much.

@Kitonum My mind is after call myfunc([1,3,-9,5], [a,b,c,d]) then a = 1, b = 3, c = -9, d = 5.

@vv Thanks you very much.

@Kitonum Thank you. :)

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