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I trying to simulate a force sensor on robot arm, but every time I try something, I get nothing from my sensor, can you help me?


Here it's my "design":


Also, if I add a rigid body I get this error:






I want to calculate a new position (X,Y,Z) for a cartesian model with 3 points (dX,dY,dZ) but  I got a problem, my point is a parameters, so I can't change it in the simulation in real time with a Input signal on the components. Does It exist a solution for convert a parameters to a variable to get a Input signal?

Exemple of my calcul:

eq:= [x(t)= dx+sin(dy/dz), y(t)=dy+20,z(t)=dz]




can you help me, I want to make a convolution on this :

 But I really do not know how to deal with the diff...



Sorry for my english

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