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@acer Thank you so much agian! you are the best. 


This maple script calculates when a column will buckle, depending on the different parameters. When someone has the geometry of the column and connection the stiffness and length is known and the 5 parameters can be determined.



i cant really visualise all these parameters in 1 plot. So my idea was to make a lot of plots. When lets say Kd is known and parameter A2 is also known you can go to that plot. Here are multiple lines. If B3 is higher then the value found in this plot then the connection is okay, and if its below then the stiffenner needs to be stiffer, or some other parameter needs to change.

All these lines are the lines with the parameters where Nc/Ncr0=0.95. It wasnt really possible (to my knowledge) to search for a value of a parameter as there are many more solutions becouse of the different buckling shapes.

So i wanted to create a bunch of results and export these to excel to create the plots (as i know better how to filter and modify the results to get the plots i want compared to maple). And didnt want to ask all of this of you as i am sure you are busy aswell. But if you know how i could do something like this in maple i would love to hear it!


The results with the different tests dont fully equal Nc/Ncr =0.95. Its possible a result is 0.86 with B3=... and 0.98 with B3=..... Unless i make even more results. To prevent running to many combinations. I want to interpolate the results/parameters to get the " almost correct" A3 for Nc/Ncr=0.95.

So now in the first script you made a table with the 2 parameters where all the unique situations are tabulated. I wanted to do this agian but now with the 5 parameters. then this list could be exported to excel.

i hope this clears things up?

@acer Hey Acer, you have helped me a lot already thank you!

I am now a bit further in my research (had to focus a bit on the FEM calculations) and now i am continueing with the script. I have modified it a bit more(see attachment). I have 5 parameters and am able to solve for Ncr with these 5 parameters. This works perfectly with the method you gave me.

But im struggling with creating the table when i have more parameters then 2. Could you please help me with this part? i dont really know what the i-> term is doing with the iquo and irem function.

@acer Wow! thank you so much! i wouldnt have been able to figure this out myself.


Hello Acer,

Here is my script what i have so far.

Eventually i would like to create a plot where i can see the different Ncr values belonging to A and B. This will be a plot with multple lines. I was thinking of Ncr/Ncr0 on the Y axis, L1/L2 (value A) on X axis, and different lines in the same plot for value B.

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