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In my the script a determinant of a matrix is set equal to 0 and then solved for. This formula has infinite solutions. So i will find the second root with: Student:-Calculus1:-Roots(Y, N = 0 .. limit, numeric) . This gives me several solutions and then i pick the second one as this is the critical buckling load of the column with the current parameters. 

Everytime i change a parameter i need to rerun a part of the script. I would like to generate a table where i define lets say parameter A and B and then run the script to give me value Ncr. then repeat this a 100 times with diferent parameters to see the influence of the parameters. 

Ive been looking around but i am not able to figure this one out. I think something like this should be possible? Thank you very much in advance!


A B Ncr
0,1 0,1  
0,1 0,5  
0,1 1  
0,5 0,1  
0,5 0,5  
0,5 1  
1 0,1  
1 0,5  
1 1  


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