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Hey all, as before I need an interactive button that shows the result of tihs function Y=Ae^x

I've made two text area, one for A and one for x, then another text area to display the result. 

This is my code

Do(%Nume = evalf(Do(%Pop)*exp(Do(%Growth))));

but the results appears like this 0.244e4 and not as a whole number. am I doing something wrong?

Hi all, I'm trying to create a button on Maple that solve a simple function, I've set y=(ln(2))x, I have created a text area called Text where you can set the value of x, a button that solves the function and another text area called Result where you can see the result.

Here's my code

use DocumentTools in 
end use; 

It doesn't work, if I set x=0.1 then on Result will appear this text 0.1e2*ln(2).

Can anybody help me? Thanks

I'm trying to create a graph using a matrix that has numbers and text values, how can I specify that some values of the matrix are strings and others are numbers? I'd like to create something like this

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