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Hello guys,

I need a guide in using maple to perform the integration of this expression or any guide without using Maple.

int((sum(d[i]*ln(x[i]/theta), i = 1 .. n))/(d*(sum(ln(x[i]/theta), i = 1 .. n))^v), theta = 0 .. x)





I am solving a problem using the homotopy perturbation problem, I have the code already but I don't know how to fix my f0(eta) = 1 - e^-(eta). f0(eta) is the assumed solution. 


Download TRY.mw


I solve a partial differential equation using the THETA METHOD on Maple17, but what is also of essence is the skin friction and Nusselt Number which are {diff(u(x, t), x)} at x = 0 and {diff(T(x, t), x)} at x = 0 respectively. How can I achieve the two using the THETA METHOD? This is the PDE in it full flesh. 

 PDE := {diff(phi(x, t), t) = (diff(phi(x, t), x, x))/S__c, diff(u(x, t), t) = diff(u(x, t), x, x)-M^2*(u(x, t)+m*w(x, t))/(m^2+1)-u(x, t)/`ϰ`-2*Omega^2*w(x, t), diff(w(x, t), t) = diff(w(x, t), x, x)+M^2*(m*u(x, t)-w(x, t))/(m^2+1)-w(x, t)/`ϰ`+2*Omega^2*u(x, t), diff(theta(x, t), t) = lambda*(diff(theta(x, t), x, x))/P__r+D__r*(diff(phi(x, t), x, x))}

With conditions: BC := {phi(0, t) = 1, phi(12, t) = 0, phi(x, 0) = 0, u(0, t) = t, u(12, t) = 0, u(x, 0) = 0, w(0, t) = 0, w(12, t) = 0, w(x, 0) = 0, theta(0, t) = 1, theta(12, t) = 0, theta(x, 0) = 0}

Where the parameter like P_r, S_c  e.t.c are constants to assign value to.


Hi Guys,

I will like to know how I can use Maple to plot a line of best fit given some data.

e.g for data like [x = 21.2, 24.7, 20.8, 20.8, 20.3] and [y = 16.6, 19.7,16.4,16.8,16.9].


Hello Guys,

I am having a problem plotting a graph from some sets of point. Please how do I plot a graph having some set of point.


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