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"A map that tried to pin down a sheep trail was just credible,

 but it was an optimistic map that tried to fix a the path made by the wind,

 or a path made across the grass by the shadow of flying birds."

                                                                 - _A Walk through H_, Peter Greenaway


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Sometimes it is appealing to have a package export a procedure which does not show up when calling with().

For example, the procedure might be used elsewhere, but be otherwise so very technically obscure that nobody else would be interested. (The counter-argument is that what is good for the goose is good for the gander! If something else in Maple can make good use of it and need it, then you might too.)

Now, Maple's modules don't have the concept of "friends",...

A recent quote from a thread in sci.math.symbolic:

"FriCAS can produce various 3D plots.  Interface is not pretty, but the plots are." -- Waldek Hebisch

I don't even care if it's true (about FriCAS). I love the sense of priorities.

Several things are broken on mapleprimes right now, including

- embedded (full) worksheets as displayed 2D Math, etc

- reputation plots for several (if not most) members

- both moderator badge updates


The ongoing spam problem has made this site unusable. Even after spam is removed, it's effect on the "recent" pages persists. This is a months-old problem.

And after over a year the site still has no good support for displaying mathematics, or for entering 2D Maple input.

And there is no indication of any clear and concrete plan to properly address either of these problems, despite repeated requests and inquiries by members.

On the topic of the quality of rendering of (2D) Math on websites, could that also be re-examined for both Mapleprimes and Maplesoft's on-line help system?

Right now the on-line help has pages with missing images in Examples. For example, the `int` and `sum` on-line help pages, here and here.

On that

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