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I would like to convert this Maple code into Matlab. Matlab() gives me "Warning, the function names {`$`} are not recognized in the target language"


Here is the code:
for d1 from 2 to r-1 do

for l to d1 do Z[d1][l] := combinat:-permute([`$`(0, d1-l), `$`(1, l)]);

K[d1][l] := factorial(d1)/(factorial(l)*factorial(d1-l))

end do

end do; Z[2][1][1][1]; K[2][1] 


Thanks and cheers :)

I need your help for this problem, please.

$\mathop  {\sum {...\sum }}\limits_{z_r \in {Q_{2}^{*}}}$ such that

$Q_{2}^{*}=((z_1,...,z_r):z_{j}=0,1,\sum_{j=1}^{r}z_{j}=\ell)$, where $\ell = 0, 1, . . . , r$.

For example. If r=3, $\ell=1$; then we are looking for triples with elements 0's or 1's and sum to 1 i.e. $Q_{2}^{*}={(0,0,1),(0,1,0),(1,0,0)}$. So we would like to sum over theses $z_r$'s.

I appreciate your help.

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