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I am fairly new to Maple. Suppose I have two Matrices

A := <<true, false, true> | <true, false, true> | <false, false, false>>

B := <<1, 2, 6> | <3, 4, 7> | <22, 33, 44>>

and apply select(A, B)

Why do I receive [[[(),3,22],[(),(),()],[(),7,44]]] instead of [[[1,(),6],[3,(),7],[(),(),()]]] as a result? I just want to select every element of B where A is true.

I appreciate any insight.


I am a first time user of Maple. I have an (m x n) array called 'arr' with missing values. For all non NULL values within the array I'd like to apply a function, called 'EigenvalueEquation'. My Ansatz is as follows:

map(EigenvalueEquation, arr)

It produces an error since one cannot execute a function with a NULL value as an input. How can I skip those entries within my array? I'd like to avoid looping over the entire array.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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