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I'm trying to be able to add bullet points to this Plot as well as where they cross. Download provided below. Thanks in Advance.

Example 7: Equations of Perpendicular Lines


NULLy = -(3/2)*x+2


2*x-3*y = 5; "_noterminate"

2, -1; "_noterminate"and m = 2/3; "_noterminate"

y = -5/3+(2/3)*x





I'm reading this book : Algebra and Trigonometry - Real Mathematics, Real People, 7th Edition

Chapter 1 Functions and Their Graphs, Example 7, Monthly Wage , Page 80.

I'm trying to plot for a monthly wage.

The inital equation is:

y = 2000 + 0.1*x

Then other changes:

a. Sales are $1480 in August. What are your wages for that month?
b. You receive $2225 for September. What are your sales for that month?

I'm lost. Which is better Numerical Solution or Graphical Solution?

Thanks in Advance,




I'm trying to plot:

y = x(x^4 - 10*x^2 + 39)/30

I keep getting a what looks like a straight line. it should be a curved line.

I got it to work on :

y = x(x^4 - 10*x^2 + 39)/30

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