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Some time ago, I posted a two-letter-words quiz for Scrabble players. That one is particularly useful to beginner players wanting to increase their scoring opportunities. I've created another worksheet for those looking for a greater challenge. This one tests your knowledge of the three-letter words that can be created from the valid two-letter words. Enjoy!

Many years ago, I played Scrabble competitively. One of the first things a beginner tournament player should do is learn the two-letter word list. Recently, I created a worksheet that tests your knowledge of all the valid two-letter words accepted in official tournament play in North America. The worksheet makes extensive use of the StringTools package which has terrific tools for manipulating words.

The worksheet link is below if you'd like to try it out, and I'll...

I recently celebrated my 10-year anniversary at Maplesoft. I've enjoyed my time here, working with a terrific group of colleagues, and I hope to be here for many more years to come. Part of the satisfaction comes from being able to interact with this wonderful user community.

I also celebrated the 20th anniversary of the plot code, parts of which I've had the pleasure of maintaining and improving over the past 10 years. Actually, I believe it is closer to 25 years old...

Just for fun, I'm reviving the Maple soccer ball in anticipation of the FIFA final. You can make a simple animation by adding the option viewpoint=[circleleft] to the display command.

V := evalf(geom3d[faces](p));
display(seq(polygonplot3d(V[i], color = `if`(nops(V[i]) = 5, black, white)), i = 1 .. 32), scaling = constrained);

Christopher2222's recent post reminded me of a new plot feature that inadvertently (and through my own fault) got left out of the new-features help pages. The 'filled' option now takes a true/false value or a list of suboptions. The suboptions apply to the polygons that make up the filled region under the curve.

plot(x^2, x=0..1, color="NavyBlue", thickness=3, filled=[color="Blue", transparency=0.7]);

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