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@Preben Alsholm thanks for your comment.

@Carl Love I tried to select several different parameters as the continuation parameter. But I failed to find one which works. And I observed if I change the value of one parameter I given, the code can run successfully. It's just a constant parameter, I have no idea why this situation would arise. Do you have any idea about this? 


sorry,I only saw the results you have pasted first time which display -0.1 for y1_15. I should check the code. 

Thank you very much for your help!


thank you very much


it seems not right. In solnumeric2, lambda equal to 0.2, but in the solution y1_15 still equal to -0.1? it should equal to -0.2, doesn't it? I will try it tomorrow.

sorry for the code, I re-upload the original code.

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