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´╗┐Hello. I am trying to plot a few lines in a threedimensional space in maple 14. The lines are doing what I want, bu they are all pretty ragged. Is there something like a smooth function?

Increasing the numpoints improves the situation, but my processingpower isn't big enough for satisfactory results.

Thanks a lot Ivo

The Code:
> with(plots);
[implicitplot3d([y = 1/x, y = 2*x/(1+2*z)], x = 0 .. 3, y = 0 .. 4, z = 0 .. 2.5, numpoints...

Ok hello everyone and thank you in advance.
I have 2-3 difficulties in a maple plotting.
I'm trying to plot two fairly easy surfaces in maple 3d
What I want is:
3 standard axis, x,y,z with y vertical and z coming out of the screen(obviously you can turn it and stuff.)

Two surfaces:
On with y = (1/x), z=free;
The second with y= 2*x(1/z);

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