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I am trying to draw a triangle with black lines and fill it in gray. Based on the maple help code i am trying this code:

draw(T, thickness = 3, filled = [color = "Blue"])

It does draw the triangle T with the right thickness, but the triangle isn't filled. Any thoughts?


help appreciated




Hi I'am using a simple method to simulate solutions of ODE's with a precision that requires to do 80 million evaluations of my functions. Since this does thake a while, I was wondering if it would be possible to display some type op progress bar or to show on the screen how many steps have already been done. Is it possible to do this inside a proc environnement? Thanks in advance Pieter
Hello Im trying to implement a method for numerical simulating a DE with Euler's method. I have got a second degree differential equations which i then transform to two first degrees which i give to my method. The code is given below. The method I'am using uses a list for which I ad an element after each step. This requires shifting al elements in the list one index lift or right. This works fine when there aren't many steps to do, but becomes very slow and uses a gigantic amount RAM in worksheet when i do 10.000 steps. Is there a way do to this more efficiently both in terms of speed and RAM ? Thanks Pieter
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