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This is inspired by MapleTA, but applies to Maple in general.  According to the documentation, bitmap plot devices do not allow for font selection, meaning the recommended textplot(...,font=[SYMBOL]) fails to render greek characters such as π in plots which are rendered for embedding in web pages.  This seems like a gaping omission, so we're hoping we've just missed something here.  Is there any way to get the symbol for pi onto a jpeg or gif plot?

I need to be able to enter number line plots into MapleTA questions and answers; I have found no built-in functions to do so, and as such have created my own crude Maple function for drawing them piece by piece.  However, this function is a bit longer and uglier than I would like to see replicated in every single question that uses it, so I was hoping to have questions share this function between them, hopefully in the form of a module or library, eventually with a variety of such functions, which I can maintain in one central location.

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