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@Kitonum I too got the same one initially.

@nm yes I already did that, thank you.


@ecterrab that's a good one thanks for providing the reference.

@dharr thanks for the explanation and I'm going now with the buildsol package.

@Kitonum  I have modified  thank you for the correction 

@nm  okay I got that 

@Kitonum I removed the brackets too with * multiplication, but now it's not showing any results.

@Kitonum I got that correction. But in another file, I did the same thing but It was unable to compute. Can you check this

@tomleslie So, after many variations on the constants, I found the plot. Thank you for the suggestions.

Generally, at the very beginning, we first try on random values.

@Kitonum Same thing I'm looking for, let me see what can I figure out.

@Kitonum Yes after increasing the contour plot's interval I'm getting the plot, but it's not up to the mark. Yeah but will try something more on this. Your help is highly appreciated.

@Carl Love yeah both are the same. Can you tell me why you used (indets( U , name) minus {x,y})=~1)?

@tomleslie by random, I mean just the automatic values they got themselves assigned.

And by best, I need such a graph whose have some peaks.

For example, randomly generated constant shows a graph right! 

So, next graph took some other values,  and shows another type of graph. And so no.... 

So, likewise if I obtain such five set of graph. Then,  will decide by their view that which one among the five is more accurate according to the expression. Like whatever information we are having from the expression.

One thing more, how I may know what actually they are assigning the constants.  As here in maple I wouldn't see any thing regarding this.  And one thing more,  by simply examing the changes the constant are having while having the five set of graph, we can easily assign the somehow closer constant value directly to the code. 

@tomleslie  like randomly if possible they take any values.

Because at some values it might have singularities. So, any command to get randomly the values of all constant in such a way that we would get a plot. Like in matlab we assign  rand() to the constant occurring in the expression, and they themselves assign the values automatically. And we would see those assigned automatic values in the workplace window. 

The same thing, would if possible to have here in matlab? 

@Carl Love Thank you for the response.  Explore option is I thing best to get the values what they took for the trace.

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