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Is there any way to save "explore plot" in such a way that the slider of constants should appear in the extension file?

So that I can see the constant changing in the extension file too.

I have two functions u(x,y,t) and p(x,y,t).

I want to find the total derivative of D_x( p*u) (where * is the multiplication)

where D_x is as given in the attached file formula_of_D_x.pdf 

Also, it is given in the following link but it's not clear to me. I think it somehow resembles my query, but not clear about the syntax so that I should implement it on mine.

How should I find the roots for


Would anyone tell me how should I write a and b here for u(x) and v(x)?

Would anybody tell me that what does it mean

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Does it mean that the solution satisfies the main equation? because doing manual calculations doesn't satisfy.

Here is my file

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