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Hi, there! I came across a problem that needs your help. When I added the following codes in the "Click action" (I'm not sure if it is this name, My Maple version is not English), it returns the error: "too many levels of recursion". Please help me out. The codes are

if elenum = 1 then
    faultcom := theDiagnosis[1][1][1][1];
    faultloc := theDiagnosis[1][1][1][2];
    for numi from 1 to elenum do
        faultcom := faultcom union theDiagnosis[1][1][i][1];
        faultloc := faultloc union theDiagnosis[1][1][i][2];
    end do;
end if;

Hi, I am currently using the embedded components to make an interface in maple 2016. However, when I executed the startup code, an error was reported, which is 0, "recursive assignment". The recursions are not allowed in the startup code? Anyone can help me with this problem? By the way, how to cancel the warning of executing the startup code when I open the .mw?

Many thanks!

Hi, there.

I have a program, and I want to make an interface where I can text in the figures and show the results. But I have no idea about this. Anyone can give me some instructions? Thanks!

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