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I was trying the direct method for conservation law of wave equation.But the fluxes and conserved density are not coming correct in eq.(4)(see attached file) because (1) and (6) are not same.What mistake have I done?




diff(r(t), t)-(diff(a[3](t), t))*r(t)/a[3](t)+a[1](t)*p[3](t)-3*r(t)*r(t) = 0;
dsolve(diff(r(t), t)-(diff(a[3](t), t))*r(t)/a[3](t)+a[1](t)*p[3](t)-3*r(t)^2 = 0, r(t));

 it does not give any solution ,please help.

how to see all steps of solution in maple? for eg: any second order differential eq.

how to solve optimal system of vector   fields in lie theory in maple?

how to find infinitisimals of system of differential equations?

i have system of two dependent variables and two independent variables.

[-(diff(psi[2], x))+diff(psi[1], t, t)-2*n*(psi[1]^2+psi[2]^2)*psi[1]-beta*(diff(psi[1], x, t)) = 0,

diff(psi[1], x)+diff(psi[2], t, t)-2*n*(psi[1]^2+psi[2]^2)*psi[2]-beta*(diff(psi[2], x, t)) = 0]

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