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It is also possible to "dig into" the expression using applyop and only simplify a part of it:

The second command line is not strictly necessary, I use the "f" to identify what the applyop is pointing at.

I guess maple is making an additional "simplification" of the fraction... anyway, it works in this instance:





applyop(f, [1, 1], (1/(1-b/r))^(1/2))



applyop(simplify, [1, 1], (1/(1-b/r))^(1/2))




Download applyopexample.mw

If you like to have few, nice output fields and do not mind messy input fields, then maybe try this:

sqrt(1/(1-b/r)); applyop(simplify, [1, 1], %)




Download applyopexample2.mw

If your readers prefer pure old fashion math notation and would rather not see the Maple code, then you can click View-->Show/hide content --> input


If you think your reader then misses the left hand side of the equation, you can do this:

sqrt(``((1-b/r))^``(-1)) :% = applyop(simplify,[1,1],expand(%))

(``(1-b/r)^``(-1))^(1/2) = (r/(r-b))^(1/2)



Download applyopexample3.mw

...and then hide the input field.

Your left hand side will then have some unwanted parentheses but it still reads nicer than the input field with code.

Regards, raskr


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