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@Preben Alsholm 

Chop is very versatile and robust.

I will investigate evalindets, I think it can spare me many lines of code.

Also procname fascinates me, I try to wrap my head around a procedure that can call itself without spinning out of control.

Maplesoft returned with an OutputMask that almost resolve the problem and changes the display rather than the value itself.

The OutputMask  have some problems though. I have asked Maplesoft if they can maybe look at it again.

So I stick with Chop for now, thank you again.

Regards, Rasmus


I submitted a software suggestion and got a request for clarification from a Phil - is that you?

If not, you should know that my suggestion probably has the ticket number 80035 - that number is in the header of the mail.

About a different interface variable: That would be fine by me. It does not have to be named displayprecision, as long as I can change the format of all outputs to four significant digits without rounding the actual values (as I could in Maple 2017) then I am happy.

Regards, raskr

Thank you all for your fast responses, this is certainly a good community.

@Preben Alsholm 

Preben, nice to hear from you.

I teach at DTU where I believe you taught.

I am at DTU Diplom Maskin, Ballerup. I will continue in english, though.

Thank you for "Chop", i can see that it is better than eval [4] as it only touches floats.

In order to make it work for me I need to rememember to not use the output values when they are rounded, but I think I can make that work by assigning before I "Chop".

I will still suggest Maplesoft to include significant digits as an option in interface(displayprecision).

regards, raskr



Could you maybe run your displayprec.mw in Maple 2018?

I think it works as intended in Maple 2017, but not 2018.

Do you maybe know of a way to format all ouput values in significant digits (not decimal points) that works in Maple 2018?



@Carl Love 

Thanks again Carl

Do you know of an alternative to interface(displayprecision) that sets the number of significant digits rather than decimal points - that works in Maple 2018?

Regards, Rasmus

@Carl Love 

Thank you Carl - please see 11017EGruppe_-_løsninger.mw, in particular output labeled (17), where 4 significant digits are displayed (as intended).

Execute the entire worksheet (in Maple 2018), and 4 digits after the decimal points are displayed.

The document (not worksheet) was made in Maple 2017. I have used interface(displayprecision) this way for a year or so, but only in Maple 2017, not in previous editions.

I no longer have 2017 installed, only 2018 - but I am pretty sure that Acer´s displayprec.mw (earlier in this thread) worked as intended in Maple 2017, but not in Maple 2018. 

Regards, RASKR

@acer Could it be that the functionality of interface(displayprecision) has changed from Maple 2017 to Maple 2018?

I have used interface(displayprecision=4) in its own execution group in Maple 2017, and it has always resulted in 4 significant digits throughout the document.

I just upgraded to Maple 2018 and now interface(displayprecision=4) results in 4 decimal places instead.

Do you know if there is a way to get the significant digits back? (displayed, not calculated).



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