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Consider the following equation: base^^(height)=weight where base^^(-1)=0, and base^^(height+1)=base^(base^^(height)) whenever 0.20 <>
I define the tower function as base^^(-1)=0, base^^0=1, and base^^1=base. In general, base^^(height+1)=base^(base^^height). My program to calculate it has four inputs: base, iter( number of iterations),h(fractional part of height), and k(integral part of height). Two outputs: answer and prec(precision). For example 1.21^^(1/3)=1.1056691794 and 1.21^^(2/3) =1.1702307336. For this program .20<base<1.44, 0<=h<=1, and iter>=20 an even integer. If base<1 or k<=-2 the answer will be complex. This cannot be used for 1.60^^(7/2)=3.0863796925. I would like to put this in my library.
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