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I am a research associate at Simon Fraser University and a member of the Computer Algebra Group at the CECM.

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The help page ?UndocumentedNames lists a few of the undocumented procedures in Maple. For example: inner - computes the inner product (dot product) of two lists MorrBrilCull - subroutine used by ifactor evalgf1 - used by `mod/Gcd` etc.
I'm working on a Maple package for computing in multivariate polynomial quotient rings, ie: rings of the form k[x1,...,xn]/I where k is a field and I is an ideal of k[x1,...,xn]. I currently have commands for the following:
  • computing inverses
  • exact polynomial division
  • simplifying fractions to a minimal canonical form
  • testing whether something is a zero divisor
  • testing whether the domain is a field or an integral domain
  • testing whether something is a unit, or whether two elements are associate
  • compute a basis of monomials for the quotient ring as a vector space
Maple needs to be able to do the following:
RootOf(z^2-3)/RootOf(z^2-2) mod 5  ->  3
Instead we have
Normal(RootOf(z^2-3)/RootOf(z^2-2)) mod 5;
Error, (in mod/GetAlgExt) only the single algebraic extension case is implemented
I would also like to be able to factor and generally compute with polynomials whose coefficients involve multiple algebraic extensions mod p. These are basic fields, and it is somewhat sad that Maple has no way of computing in them.
I've released an addon package for the PolynomialIdeals package in Maple 10. It collects the routines which never made it into Maple 10 as top level commands, and a few new routines are thrown in there for good measure. The demo worksheet lists all of the commands. You can view it online and download everything at the Maple Application Center (link).
I would like the Maple kernel to free sufficiently large (128 MB?) blocks of memory on garbage collect, not just on kernel restart. Sometimes I need to work with large objects temporarily, and then the overall performance of my machine suffers afterwards because of Maple's increased memory usage. I continue working afterwards, so I don't want to restart the kernel to free memory and eliminate swapping.
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