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I am a research associate at Simon Fraser University and a member of the Computer Algebra Group at the CECM.

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A reddit user posted an interesting question:

The problem is how to simplify, e.g. 2/3*37^(1/2)*sin(1/6*Pi+1/3*arccos(55/1369*37^(1/2)))+2/3 to 4.  I tried a few things and got nowhere.  Any suggestions?

I frequently have a list of numbers and what I want is a sorted list of unique elements with a count of how many times each element appears.  Is there some way to do this with ListTools?

Here is my code:

listhist := proc(L)
local S, T, i;
T := table(sparse):
for i in L do T[i] := T[i]+1; end do;
S := sort(map(op,[indices(T)]));
[seq([i,T[i]], i=S)];
end proc:

I have the following problem. Two formulas in three variables represent the costs of algorithms. I want a visual of their ratio, so that I can "see" how their relative performance varies. Here is a simple example. I can analyze this example analytically, but you can't always do that.

R := sum(binomial(n+i*d,n),i=1..k-1);
S := binomial(n+k*d,n);
f := unapply(R/S, n, d, k);
A := Array(1..10,1..10,1..10,f,datatype=float[8]);

I want a 3-dimensional rendering...

I want to evaluate a polynomial and turn its coefficients into hfloats. Shouldn't evalhf do this? For example:
f := randpoly([x,y,z]);  # integer coefficients
g := evalf(f);    # software float coefficients
h := evalhf(f);   # error
I think the last one should give me a polynomial with hardware floating point coefficients. Instead I get an error.
There are lots of posts on MaplePrimes with Wei Xi Fan telling us that "this issue has been tracked". I'm always happy to hear that, but I think a subtle alternative would be better: I would write in red at the bottom of the original report "Note: this issue has been reported to Maplesoft's internal bug tracking database." Make it sound kind of ominous, as if the offending bug will surely be crushed. Also, I think a message in red on the original post is better than a reply which appears somewhere down the page. Of course for this to work, it would have to be easy (one click?) for company
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