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Hello everybody,


I have to solve a non linear equation using a numerical method. I use a loop after each iteration, Maple keep the results in memory instead of release their in variable. So calculation time is very long and the memory goes up.

Could you help me to improve the calculation time ? In fact, I would like to store results in a list and maple erases each intermediate results.


Thank a lot




Hi everybody,


I'm an mechanical enginer and I have to solve numerically this kind of differential equation : m(d2z/dt2)+c(dz/dt) + k*z = F where z is the displacement.
The best resolution for this problem is to use a Newmark method (which is available here at page 10,d.d2k)


So I have written this method in Maple but nothing happen and I don't where the mistakes are. So if somebody could help me, that will be great.

My code is :


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