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These are questions asked by rwong1231


Does Maplesim allow hardware integration such as a joystick so that I can feed in joystick commands (via USB or serial) from the computer and then control my Maplesim model in the virtual space? Suggestions?


Thank you.


I'm currently working on a manipulator model in Maplesim and will import CAD attachments to each of the links. The Solidworks model, once imported to Maplesim, is not located in the same position as the Maplesim part but is offset by X,Y,Z. The scaling is also off. Is there some way to align the CAD to the component instead of trial and error?

Thank you.



I was just curious if MapleSim has integration capability with Zemax.

I'm interested in creating a dynamic electro-mechanical model (i.e. optical imaging on a moving system):

Zemax <--> MapleSim

If there isn't a toolbox yet, is there a workaround?


Thank you again!

Hmmm, I'm not sure if this possible but worth asking...and maybe useful for creating custom loop simulations:

I have a trajectory profile (via 1D Lookup Table in MapleSim) whose duration is for 10 seconds.

Is it possible to create a simulation with an end time greater than 10 seconds and have the 1D Lookup Table repeat its profile after it ends:

Example: Simulation end time = 20second. Thereby having the Lookup Table execute twice.

Suggestions on approach? Thanks.

Hi all,

I'm currently running a parameter space search via Maple scripting. The pseudo-code goes something like this:


fopen text file to write data to;

initialize parameters (variable) x, y, and z;

for x number of iterations

   A:-Simulate(model.msim, with [parameters]);

   Update parameters with new values;

   Write to text file;

end do;

fclose(text file)

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