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Hi all, Using maple 10 classic version, I am working with the below function of f(x): restart;fx:=cos(x)+2*sin(x);plot(fx,x=0..2*Pi,y=-3..3); I would like maple to show the x-axis values as radian instead of 0 to 6. How do I do this? If I now differenciate fx and find the value of zero I get the answer of arctan(2) fmx:=diff(fx,x);solve(fmx=0,x); Now I would like to visualise this by plotting a line from x=arctan(2) vertically to function f(x). How do I do this?? The maths is in place, its just getting maple to do what I want it to that creates problems ;-) Thanks in advance for any help.
Hi all, I have a thirdgrade equation and I wish to find the values when f(x)=0 So I have typed in the equation as well as f(x)=0 and wish for maple to give me the intersect points for L:=2*x^3+6*x^2-2*x-6:M:=0:plot([L,M], x=-4..2, y=-7..7); With the help of the help section I then add P:=Intersect(L,M); But I just get the equation read back to me. The answer I am looking to be displayed is -3,-1,1 How do I get maple to do this? Thanks in advance :-)
Hi, I have plotted the following chart using maple 10 on windows xp > plot(((x^2)+x-4)/(x-2),x=-4..6,y=-2..10); X being -4, 2 Which command needs to be executed to find the local extremity? Thanks in advance for any help… Robert
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